Nathan Allen

Mulroney Hall 4061
(902) 867-2269

Ph.D. (UBC)


Political economy, public opinion, and institutions.


Recent Publications

"The Electoral System of Indonesia" in Oxford Handbook of Electoral Systems, Eds. Matthew Shugart, Erik S. Herron, Robert J. Pekkanen.

"Canada's 21st Century. Discovery of China: Canadian Media Coverage of China and Japan." Canadian Foreign Policy Journal [with Andrea Lawlor and Katerina Graham].

"Ummah or Tribe? Islamic Practice, Ethnic Chauvinism, and Political Attitudes in Indonesia." Asian Journal of Political Science, 27, 1 (2017): 45-67 [with Shane Barter].

"Keeping Rising Asia at a Distance: Canadian Attitudes Towards Trade Agreements with Asian Countries." International Journal 70, 2 (2015): 286-308.

"Clientelism and the Personal Vote in Indonesia." Electoral Studies, 37, 1 (2015): 73-85.

"From Patronage Machine to Partisan Melee: Subnational Corruption and the Evolution of the Indonesian Party System." Pacific Affairs 87, 2 (2014): 221-245.