University Forms

Accounting Services: (latest version of forms from finance, click here)

Payroll Request (Casual employees / Students)
    *Information page [htm]
    *Payroll forms [htm] [pdf] [Word]
Research Assistant/Student Worker Letter of Appointment & Employee Record Form [pdf]
Lost Receipt Declaration Form [Word]
NSERC-SSHRC Travel Authorization Form [Excel]
Travel - Lost Receipt Declaration Form [Excel]
Travel Advance Request Form [Word]
Cheque Requisition (Accounts Payable) [pdf]


Desk Copy Request Form [pdf] [Word]
Publisher's Representatives [him] [Word]
Random House Examination Copy Request [pdf]


Departmental Budget Request [pdf] [Word]
Research Allowance Request [pdf] [Word]
UCR - Application for Research Grant [pdf] [Word]

Health Forms (new carrier forms - Blue Cross - February 2009)

Check the HR website forms page:

Additional Links:

Arts faculty declaration forms (link to Dean of Arts student resources)
Business Cards [follow link] contact secretary for password
Classrooms/meeting rooms, capacity & technology [him]
Correction Form for Multiple Choice Quizzes/Course Evaluations (link to TSG form)
Library Requisition Form [pdf] [Word]
App B. Immersion Service Learning - Referee form 2008 [pdf]
Moving Request Form (Physical Plant) [pdf]