Yvon Grenier

Mulroney Hall
(902) 867-3940

Ph.D. (Laval)


Latin American politics, Canadian Foreign Policy, and politics in the Atlantic Provinces


Recent Publications

2021  "Opportunities to Promote Human Rights and Democratic Values Abroad: The Case of Canadian Foreign Policy Toward Venezuela," International Journal (in press).

2021  "Houellebecq and the Politics of Submission," in Decline and Submission:  Michel Houellebecq, The Cassandra of Freedom, ed. Michael S. Kochin and Alberto Spektorowski (Leiden: E. J. Brill, in press).

2021  “Fidel Castro’s ‘Words to Intellectuals’ at 60: Nothing to Celebrate,” Literal, Latin American Voices, July.

2021  "The Prophet of Dystopia at Rest: Margaret Atwood in Cuba," Quillette (July 2021); Spanish version, "La profeta de la dystopia en suspenso: Margaret Atwood en Cuba," Rialta, 5 July 2021.

2021  “La política como ciencia y como tabúe,” Foro Cubano (Bogota) 4, no.29 (February).

2021  “Emergency and Opportunities: Canada and the Venezuela Crisis,” in External Powers in Latin America, Gian Luca Gardini and Gonzalo S. Paz eds., Routledge.

2020  "Cuban Studies and The Siren Song of La Revolución," Cuban Studies 49: 310-329.

2019  “¿Cuándo terminó la Revolución Cubana? Una Discusión.” With Jorge Domínguez, Julio César Guanche, Jennifer Lambe, Carmelo Mesa-Lago, Silvia Pedraza, and Rafael Rojas, Cuban Studies vol. 47, 143-165.

2019  "Canada and the Venezuela Crisis." Oasis 30 (July-December): 50-75.

2019  "Ciencias sociales y humanidades en Cuba: Parametración y despolitización," in Gisela Kozak Rovero and Armando Chaguaceda eds., La izquierda como autoritarismo en el siglo XXI (Buenos Aires: CADAL), 173-201.

2019 "Cuba sous les mots." La Vie des idees (Paris, 7 February). Review of La Lutte by Vincent Bloch.