Alcohol and Substance Use


Alcohol and Substance Use subheading

Lower-risk guidelines from the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction:

Alcohol Resources, lower-risk guidelines for alcohol use

Cannabis Resources, lower-risk guidelines for cannabis use


General Information on alcohol and substance use:

The basics

General information about Alcohol

Fact Sheets on binge-drinking

Information on Addiction and Recovery


Alternatives to alcohol and substance use:

Ways to relax.

Alternatives to alcohol use.

Ideas for how to say no.

Mocktail recipes.

Get involved in a variety of activities on campus and in and around Antigonish.  Check out the Well-being at X 


For more information and where you can go for help, check out these resources! 

    Alcohol-Specific Resources:

    Information about Cannabis:

    Problematic Alcohol and Substance Use Resources: 


    Canadian Resources