Career Planning

Work in the various areas of research is supported by such granting agencies as the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, the Medical Research Council, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, and work with faculty on research projects; this provides useful exposure to current developments within the field and to the broad variety of techniques used in psychological experimentation.

St. F.X. psychology graduates have been successful in being awarded scholarships and fellowships for graduate schools in both Canada and the United States. Not all psychology graduates continue in the field; many enter graduate schools in such related areas as medicine, law, social work, business administration, special education, communication disorders, speech pathology, criminology, or special psychotherapy programs. Still others have joined the work force where they are able to apply many of the skills and theoretical knowledge they acquired as undergraduates. Some have found employment in hospitals, training schools, schools for children with emotional or learning disorders, government social services departments, preschool programs, and schools or workshops for the disadvantaged.

At St. F.X., major, and honors degrees may be earned as part of a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree. The approach follows traditional scientific methods, and involves laboratory work in many courses.