Research Ethics Committees

Any data collection (surveys etc.) that involves human participants must have ethical clearance from this committee. The only exception to this rule is when data is collected within a class setting and the participants are fellow classmates.

Student projects that are not honours theses (e.g., projects conducted as part of an Independent Studies course (Psychology 499)) need only be approved by the Department Ethics Committee (REC). Honours thesis projects need to be approved first by the REC, and then by the university's Research Ethics Board (REB). Unless the project is deemed to be of high risk, the Chair of the REB will expedite the application review process by reviewing the application himself or herself. Please submit applications as an email attachment to the REC Coordinator (currently Dr. Kim MacLean -

REC Members

Dr. Kim MacLean (Coordinator)
REC Members TBA

Below you will find the link to the REB Application form. Save the form to your computer and type (or copy/paste) the information directly into the form. Do not delete the questions or any other content from the form. Use page breaks between Appendices.

REB Form - for all Projects with Human Participants

Honours cover page must be included with the REB form.

Note that the REB application form is new, and is intended to replace the ethics application forms that have been used in previous years by various departments. That is, a new common application form is to be used for all ethics applications.

Note, too, that actual signatures are not required; simply type names and dates in the relevant locations on the form.

Note, as well, that Honours Thesis applications must include a sheet entitled the "Honours Cover Page" (see REB website). Please complete this page along with your application.

Proofread your completed application carefully and then have your supervisor check it for errors, then email it to the REC Coordinator.

If the REC requests revisions to your application, the Coordinator will notify you of these concerns. If this is the case, submit a revised application to the Coordinator.

Upon approval of an honours thesis application by the REC, the Coordinator will forward the application to the REB. In the case of non-honours thesis project applications, the Coordinator will notify you, your supervisor, and, if relevant, the Psychology 100 Participant Pool Coordinator, that your application has received ethics approval.

If and when an honours thesis application has been approved at the REB level, the REB Chair will send a notifying email to the following individuals: the applicant, the faculty supervisor, the REC Coordinator, and, if applicable, the Psychology 101/102 Participant Pool Coordinator.

Instructions and Samples for Application Appendices

Invitation to Participate Instructions

Sample Phone Recruiting Script

Sample Consent Form

Sample Recruiting E-mail message

Debriefing Instructions and Sample

Sample In-class Recruiting Script

Please Note – All use of Psychology 101/102 Participant Pool must go through the Psychology 101/102 Participant Pool Coordinator