Recommendations from: Public Health Agency of Canada.  Read more here.

Tips to getting a good night's sleep:

Tips to good sleep hygiene

Tips to Sleeping Well in Campus Residence:

Students can have a hard time falling asleep when they live in residence because it can be a loud environment.

Having a pair of ear plugs can really help reduce the noise and help students focus on falling asleep

  • An eye mask can help make the sleep environment darker
  • It is important to put away any electronic devices before bed
  • Quiet hours in residence start at 11pm on school nights and 1 am on Friday and Saturday. If it is not quiet, you can call your CA.
  • Use a white noise machine to drown out any noise or even a fan

External Resources

SleepWell Web Resource:  

The SleepWell web resource for sleep was created by Dalhousie University researchers and health professionals.  It includes links to a number of useful resources such as tools to assess your sleep, a list of recommended sleep apps, and relaxation tools.