The 2021-2022 Course Timetable

2021-2022 Course Timetable

2021-2022 Timeblock Grid colour coded

2021-2022 Timeblock Grid blank

Maple League Course Information

Master of Applied Computer Science Timetable

First Year Students     CSCI 594 Graduate Seminar and any 4 additional CSCI courses at the 500-level except CSCI 595 Project. The 4 additional courses consist of 2 first-term courses and 2 second term courses.

Second year Students     6 CSCI courses at the 500-level (or 5 CSCI courses at the 500-level if one of the courses is CSCI 595 Project). The 6 courses consist of 3 first-term courses and 3 second-term courses (or, if one of the courses is CSCI 595 Project, 2 additional first-term courses and 2 additional second-term courses).

Classroom Locations
ASCHL(Amelia Saputo Centre for Healthy Living), AX(Annex), BB(J.Bruce Brown), CO(Coady), ESC(Exercise Sciences Centre), GM(Gilmora), IM(Immaculata Hall), LIB(Library), MSB(Mount St. Bernard), MULH(Mulroney Hall), NT(Nicholson Tower), PS(Physical Science Complex), SCHW(Schwartz School of Business). Courses with the section listed as .66, .67 will be offered by continuing educaton; .71 by distance nursing.