Duplicate and Equivalent Courses

There are numerous instances in which two StFX courses are considered to be equivalent and therefore credit can only be earned for one or the other and not both.  All cross listed courses are equivalent to one another and there are also many others which are not cross listed.  When choosing courses prior to registration, check the course description in the Academic Calendar for cross listing or equivalency information.

During registration, if students attempt to register in the same course twice, they will receive a duplicate course error which will prevent that registration from occurring.  However, if they register in two courses that are equivalent, there is no error and the registration will be permitted to proceed.  Also, if students register in a course that they completed in a previous term, they will receive a repeat course warning only and the registration will be permitted to proceed.  The Office of the Registrar will attempt to identify both of these instances and notify students via their StFX e-mail.

Students may repeat courses to attempt to achieve better grades, whether they failed the course initially or passed it and earned credit for it.  In either case, the initial grade remains on their transcript and continues to be used in the calculation of their average for the term in which it was attempted.  However, if credit was earned for the initial instance of the course, that credit is removed, regardless of the outcome of subsequent attempts at the course.