Banner Self-Service, mesAMIS and myData

Banner is the name of the software that supports our student information system.  Banner Self-Service is the web-based portion of the Banner product.  mesAMIS is a StFX-developed and supported reporting system that interfaces with the Banner database.

Banner Self-Service is used by students and faculty.  Students use it to register in courses, view detailed class schedule, apply for graduation, view their grade report, and to obtain their T2202 tax forms.  Faculty use it to enter registration error overrides and to enter grades.  Students and faculty log into Banner Self-Service using their ID number and their secure PIN. 

myData is used by students to view their exam schedule, book list, unofficial confirmation of enrolment, financial account information. 

Students use the Registrar’s Office Services site to submit requests for course overload, letters of permission, degree program change, appeal a grade, appeal an academic penalty, address change, course override, official confirmation of enrollment and university withdrawal.

mesAMIS is used by faculty and staff.  Faculty log into mesAMIS using their ID number and PIN, as with Banner Self-Service.  Staff log into mesAMIS using their WebFX username and PIN.  Information from Banner is provided to staff through numerous reports in mesAMIS and the reports available to members of the staff is dependent on the information requirements of their positions.

Faculty use mesAMIS to view their class lists and teaching schedules and to submit web forms that are personalized with information from Banner.  Examples of these web forms are requests for grade changes and requests for classroom changes.