Faculty/Staff Ad Hoc Classroom Reservations

The new Kx Calendar is now available. The program allows Faculty and Administrative Assistants to request the use of classroom space during the academic year (September to April).

There are two options to submit an ad hoc request. Click links to view step-by-step instructions.

REQUEST A ROOM: Choose this option to view classroom availability for a specific time.

I KNOW MY VENUE: Choose this option to view the availability for a specific classroom space.

Submitted requests are considered tentative until you have received confirmation from the Registrar's Office.

Click Kx Calendar to begin.

Please allow 2-3 business days for processing. However, during the first few weeks of each term, while classroom assignments are finalized, requests will not be processed until mid-September or mid-January.

2021-2022 Classroom Inventory

For classroom requests from May to August or if your event requires additional support services such as catering, a change in furniture setup, cleaning services or if your even is revenue generating, send your request directly to Conference Services at conference@stfx.ca

To request a change to a timetable classroom assignment, please log into Faculty X-Reports, copy and paste the information into the Faculty Classroom Change Request form located at Services@STFX.

NOTE TO STUDENTS: Students who wish to make classroom reservations must contact Conference Services via email at conference@stfx.ca, by telephone 902-867-5245, or in person at the Conference Services office, located just off the main foyer at the Keating Centre.