How Faculty Override Registration Errors

Professors can override the following registration errors for students wishing to register in a course to which they are assigned:


  • Course is closed (enrollment is at the maximum specified).
  • Student does not have the required pre-requisite(s) for the course, but the chair and professor are willing to allow the student register in the course.
  • Student is taking the course without the normal co-requisite, usually a lab.  A student may have taken CHEM 100 in a previous year and failed the course but passed the lab. The chair or professor has decided the student may repeat the course and does not need to repeat the lab.
  • Course is normally restricted by College (in banner, this means Faculty).   For example, CSCI 100 is restricted to students in Arts and Business (Colleges AR and BU), but a student in Science (SC) may be permitted to register for the course.
  • Course is restricted by Degree.  For example, only students in the HKIN degrees may take HKIN courses.  A student in BSc HNU may request permission to take HKIN 226, Personal Health and Wellness, and receives permission to do so.
  • Course is restricted by Major. Same scenario as above, but rarely used.


Professors will receive an Override Approval form from the student and will:

  • Select the Banner Self Service link on any Registrar’s Office page and log in
  • Click on Faculty Services, then click on Student Menu
  • Select Registration Overrides
  • Select the correct term and click the Submit Term button
  • Select an ID from a drop down list of students who are currently registered in assigned courses, or 
  • Click on Enter Student/Advisee ID Directly link and enter the ID,
  • Click on the Submit ID button.
  • Verify the ID selection, and then click OK.
  • On the Faculty Registration Permits/Overrides page, choose the appropriate override and the applicable course, and then click on the Submit Changes button.
  • Click the Commit Changes button




  • Professors may override more than one registration error for a student, for example, Enrollment Cap plus Pre-Requisite.  Repeat the steps listed above to add another override for the student.
  • Once entered, overrides can only be removed through the Banner forms, either by departmental secretaries or the Registrar’s Office