How Tuition and Registration Fees Are Calculated

This document explains how your charges for tuition and fees are calculated. While this information applies specifically to the full academic year, September to April, it also generally applies to the spring and summer terms.


Term and Part of Term

The full academic year is considered a “TERM” in Banner. The 2017-2018 full academic year is the 201810 term. This term is divided into three main parts, each of which is referred to as a “PART OF TERM”. All courses are assigned to a specific part of term, as follows:

PART OF TERM 1 – full year, normally 6 credits, September 2017 to April 2018;

PART OF TERM 2 – fall, normally 3 credits, September 2017 to December 2017; and,

PART OF TERM 3 – winter, normally 3 credits, January 2018 to April 2018.


Credits, Billing Hours and Chargeable Hours

Full year courses are normally 6 credits. Fall and winter courses are normally 3 credits. The billing hours associated with a course are normally the same as the credits associated with a course. However they are used differently.

Credits appear on your transcript as “enrolled” for courses in progress and as “earned” for courses that you successfully complete. You don’t earn the credits associated with a course if you drop the course, if you withdraw prior to completing the course or if you receive a failing grade.

Billing hours are used by fee assessment and represent the number of hours a refund percentage is applied to, when a course is dropped. The refund, therefore, is actually a percentage of the billing hours for that course, based on the week in which you drop the course.

When a refund percentage is applied to the billing hours, the result is chargeable hours. For example, if a 6 credit course (also 6 billing hours) is dropped in a 50% refund period, the credits are 0, the billing hours are 6 and the chargeable hours are 6 x 50% = 3.


Calculating Charges for Tuition and Fees

Charges for tuition and fees (students' union, technology, recreation, capital campaign, facilities management and international fees) are based entirely on your total chargeable hours. For courses that you are registered in, the chargeable hours equal the billing hours. For courses that you drop, the chargeable hours are a percentage of the billing hours, that percentage depending on the date on which you drop the course.

Every time you add or drop courses, the chargeable hours of all of your courses are added up to arrive at a total amount. Pre-set rules are then applied to generate the actual monetary charges. Note the flat rate, “full time” charges which commence at 18 hours for some fees and 24 hours for others.


See also: section 2.1 of the 2017-2018 Academic Calendar.