Registration Guide - Bachelor of Arts and Science in Health

Welcome to the Bachelor of Arts and Science in Health!

First-year course selection for the Bachelor of Arts and Science in Health is very simple. All courses are required and all of your registration will be done for you.   
First-Year Course Pattern

CHEM 101 – General Chemistry I - 3 credits (first term)
CHEM 102 - General Chemistry II - 3 credits (second term)
PSYC 101 – Introduction to Psychology I - 3 credits (first term)
PSYC 102 - Introduction to Psychology II - 3 credits (second term)
BIOL 111 – Introductory Cell Biology - 3 credits (first term)
BIOL 112 – Diversity of Life - 3 credits (second term)
HLTH 111 – Fundamentals of Health I - 3 credits (first term)
HLTH 112 – Fundamentals of Health II - 3 credits (second term)
SOCI 101 – Foundations of Sociology - 3 credits (first term)
SOCI 102 – Key Issues in Contemporary Sociology - 3 credits (second term)

In total, you will be taking 5 courses each term.


Feel free to browse through the "Academic Subjects" pages, found under the "Helpful Resources" side-link.  They will provide more information about the courses in which you will be registered in the coming year.


Question You Might Have

Is it possible to take fewer than 30 credits this year?
If you wish to take a reduced course load, you should meet with an academic advisor before classes start, or during the first week of classes.  If you plan to do your degree over 5 years rather than over 4 years, there will be no problem, but you will still need to plan your program carefully.  If you plan to do a reduced course load for this one year only, and then take the normal full course load in subsequent years, an advisor can assist you with the best complement of courses for the coming year that will allow you to complete your degree within the four-year period.  This will, of course, require your taking spring and/or summer courses over the next three years.