Registration Guide - Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition

Welcome to the Bachelor of Science
in Human Nutrition!

First-year course selection for the Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition is very easy. There are some required courses, and you have a variety of choice in the selection of your two elective arts subjects.

First-Year Course Pattern
BIOL 111 – Introductory Cell Biology - 3 credits (first term)
BIOL 215 - Microbiology for Human Nutrition (second term)
HNU 142 – Introduction to Food and Health - 3 credits (first term)
HNU 145 – Introduction to Foods - 3 credits (second term)
CHEM 101 – General Chemistry I - 3 credits (first term)
CHEM 102 - General Chemistry II - 3 credits (second term)
Arts subject 1 - 6 credits in one arts subject
Arts subject 2 - 6 credits in a second arts subject

Arts Requirements
You will choose courses in two different arts subjects. Your degree will require you to have at least 12 credits in one subject and at least 6 credits in a second subject, so it would be wise to register in appropriate courses to begin fulfilling those requirements in first year. Your chosen 12 credits of arts will complete your 30 credits for the year.

Please note that the subjects displayed in the following table are also links to their respective pages on this website.  If first-year, 100-level courses are offered in a particular subject, their course descriptions are displayed at the bottom of the applicable subject page.

Art (Art History & Studio Art)
Catholic Studies
Celtic Studies
Classical Studies
Religious Studies
Social Sciences
Development Studies *
Political Science
Public Policy and Governance
Women's & Gender Studies

*Development Studies is not an available option for first-year students. Those who are interested in this subject should explore this option and can look forward to taking such courses in third and/or fourth year.

Take the opportunity to explore subjects that are new to you as you contemplate your options for arts courses. Note that some first-year courses in the Faculty of Arts are full-year, 6-credit courses. Other departments have two 3-credit courses (one each term) that together provide 6 credits of introductory study in that subject.

When you choose your arts subjects, remember that you will ultimately be required to complete a total of 12 credits in one arts subject as part of your degree requirements. This requirement is called a “pair”. (For the full definition of a “pair”, please see the “Glossary of Terms”.) You may decide, as most students do, to complete your pair in one of the arts subjects that you take in first year. To accomplish this, you will complete a second 6 credits in that subject, normally in third year, or in fourth year if you prefer.

However, if you find at year-end that you are not interested in taking more courses in either of the arts subjects you took in first year, you will not be required to do so. You will be able to try a new arts subject in third year, and take the second 6 credits of that subject in fourth year to complete your pair requirement.

So you can explore your first-year arts options risk-free! Take courses that you know you’ll really like, or be adventurous and try something new!

Things to Remember

  • When building your course schedule, be sure to begin with required courses that are offered in only one timeblock, and schedule other courses around those.
  • When scheduling your arts courses, try to avoid the F block so that you can leave it free for Human Nutrition seminars that are held in that block throughout the year. (This reference to “F block” will become clearer as you navigate through this website and begin to build your course schedule.)