Registration Guide - Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Welcome to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing!

First-year course selection for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing is very simple. All but one course is required and your registration in those required courses will be done for you.  You will only need to choose and register for one elective course.
First-Term Courses
BIOL 151 – Human Anatomy and Physiology I - 3 credits
CHEM 151 – Fundamentals of General Organic, Biological Chemistry - 3 credits
ENGL 111 – Literature and Academic Writing I - 3 credits
PSYC 155  Introduction to Psychology for Nurses - 3 credits
STAT 101 (H)  Introductory Statistics - 3 credits
Second-Term Courses
BIOL 115 – Microbes in Human Biology - 3 credits
BIOL 152  Human Anatomy and Physiology II - 3 credits
HNU 135 – Introductory Nutrition for Nursing - 3 credits
PHIL 135 – Healthcare Ethics:  Theories, Values, & Practice - 3 credits
RELS 117Ethical Principles for Health Care Providers - 3 credits
Social Sciences or Humanities (arts) elective - 3 credits (could possibly be moved to first term; see below)


Social Sciences and Humanities (Arts) Electives

A list of allowable options for your social sciences or humanities elective is below.  These are the Faculty of Arts subjects that offer 3-credit introductory courses.  You may choose any 100-level course from these arts subjects that will fit your schedule.

Arts Subjects
Art (Art History and Studio Art)
Catholic Studies
Celtic Studies
Development Studies
Political Science
Public Policy and Governance
Religious Studies



Other Important Information

There will be group meetings in the fall and winter terms to help orientate you to the School of Nursing.

Be aware that the Bachelor of Science in Nursing has several additional financial costs that are not present in other degree programs.  Please see the "Costs" paragraph in section 9.28 of the Academic Calendar for more details.

Finally...feel free to browse through the "Academic Subjects" pages.  They will provide more information about the courses in which you will be registered in the coming year.


Question You Might Have

Is it possible to take a first-term course rather than a second-term course as my arts elective?
If you are more drawn to a first-term course for your elective, you might be able to change your STAT 101 to second term, subject to availability, and if an available section will fit your schedule.  You will need an override to do this, as the second-term STAT 101 sections are normally restricted to students in business and arts.  You should also be aware that although the courses teach the same material, the examples used in the first-term sections are health science-based while those used in the second-term sections are more business-oriented.  Also be prepared that the second-term sections might be full, so this may not be an option for you.
Before dropping the first-term Statistics course, be sure that there is a seat available in the second-term course, that you can obtain an override for it, and that the first-term elective you want to take fits your schedule and has availability.  To determine course availability, use the "Class Search" option in Banner.