Registration Guide - Diploma in Engineering

Welcome to the Diploma in Engineering!

First-year course selection for the Diploma in Engineering is very simple, as most courses are required, and you need to choose only one elective course.  In addition, you will be pre-registered for all of your required courses, and will need to register yourself in your chosen writing elective.

First-Year Course Pattern

In total, you will be taking 6 courses each term.

CHEM 121 – Principles of Chemistry I (first term)
CHEM 122 – Principles of Chemistry II (second term)
ENGR 121 – Calculus I for Engineers (first term)
ENGR 122 – Calculus II for Engineers (second term)
ENGR 128 – Engineering Design and Graphics(first term)
ENGR 132 – Technical Communications(second term)
ENGR 136 – Statics (second term)
CSCI 161 – Introduction to Programming(first term)
PHYS 121 – Physics for the Physical Sciences and Engineering I (first term)
PHYS 122 – Physics for the Physical Sciences and Engineering II (second term)
Writing course(s) - 6 credits from the subjects listed below (full year or one in each term)


Please note that the subjects displayed in the following table are also links to their respective pages on this website.  If first-year, 100-level courses are offered in a particular subject, their course descriptions are displayed at the bottom of the applicable subject page.

Writing Course Subjects

Art (Art History only)
Celtic Studies (Celtic Civilization only)
Music (119 and 217 only)
Political Science
Religious Studies
Womens and Gender Studies

Things to Remember

  • Some of the writing course options are full-year, 6-credit courses.  However, most are one-semester, 3-credit courses.  You are permitted to take either one 6-credit course, or two 3-credit courses in the same or in different subjects.  The choice is yours, and is only dependent on what will fit into your schedule.
  • If you wish to take a writing course from a subject other than those listed above, you must first obtain approval from the chair of the Department of Engineering.


Question You Might Have

What if I want to complete my diploma over three years, rather than two years?
It is certainly your prerogative to complete your program in this way.  You should meet with the department chair or with an academic advisor to discuss your program plan.  The normal first year course complement for the three-year plan is CHEM 121 and 122; PHYS 121 and 122; ENGR 121 and 122; ENGR 128; ENGR 136.    If you wish to take a different combination of courses, please check with Academic Advising or your department chair.

If you are extending your program by taking a reduced course load in your first year, and you wish to include a writing course, please be aware that some additional courses, other than the specific course sections listed at the top of the page, may fit in your schedule.  See the Writing Course Subjects list above.