Registration Guide - Step 2

Selecting First-Year Courses for Your Program

In this step you will learn which courses are required for your program and how to explore optional courses.  You will make a list of the courses in which you want to register and enter them onto the course planning sheet in your Registration Worksheets.  Enter subjects, course numbers and specific course section information including course reference numbers (CRNs).
Tips on selecting courses:
- In most programs, a full course load is 30 credits for the academic year (Sep-Apr). Normally this means five courses in each term.  For the two-year Diploma in Engineering the normal full course load is 36 credits, with six courses each term.  If you wish to register for less than a full course load for any reason you certainly may, but you should speak to an academic advisor to discuss any implications of doing so.  Contact Academic Advising by email at or book an appointment with an individual advisor.
- 3-credit courses are normally offered in one term:  1st term (Sep-Dec), or 2nd term (Jan-Apr). 6-credit courses are offered over the full academic year (Sep-Apr).  Most students will register in five 3-credit courses each term, as most of the StFX courses are 3-credit offerings.  Some students will register in a combination of 3-credit and 6-credit courses.  Be sure that your final registration does not result in a course overload in either term.  You should be registered in a maximum of five courses each term (not including labs), unless you are a student in the engineering diploma, in which case six courses each term is standard, and is the maximum.
- Choose your most important courses first (courses which are required for your program) and then the optional courses which you are most interested in taking.
- Select some alternatives for your optional courses, in case your first choices are not available.
- Explore subjects and courses which are new or unfamiliar to may find new interests!
If you have completed Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, or GCE A-Level courses, you should make an appointment with an Academic Advisor to discuss how your transfer credits can fit into your degree program, and can affect your first-year registration.

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