Registration Guide - Step 4

Register for Your Courses

So far, you've learned about the course requirements for your program, you've explored the academic subjects that will satisfy those requirements, and you've selected the courses that will provide you with a conflict-free schedule.  Now it's time to learn how to register in your courses.

  1. Visit
  2. Log in with your StFX username and password (same as your email).
  3. Select Banner Self Service.
  4. Log in with your Student ID and PIN.
  5. Click Student Services.
  6. Click Course Registration again (on this new page).
  7. Click Step 1 - Select Term, and ensure that it reads "Full Academic Year 2021-2022".
  8. Click Submit.
  9. Click Step 2 - Add/Drop Classes, and proceed with your registration.
  10. When you have registered in one or more courses, you will be able to view your schedule in Banner Self Service, which is accessed using your Student ID and PIN.  Once you have logged in to Banner Self Service, click on the "Student Services" tab then the link for "Week at a Glance", select a date that would have a full week of classes to see your weekly schedule-to-date (ie September 14, 2021 for first term OR January 12, 2022 for second term).  If you make changes to your registration - additions or deletions - those changes will update automatically to this schedule.  (You may need to refresh your browser if you are making changes and viewing the schedule at the same time.) Please remember to choose the correct date to view the First or Second term schedules.


View the How to Register in Courses in Banner Self-Service document for screen shots of the registration process, and for more detailed instructions on how to register in Banner.

To contact department chairs to request a closed course override, refer to this department contact list.