Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration offers two 3-credit courses at the 100-level:

BSAD 101 – Introduction to Business
BSAD 102 – Business Decision-Making

These are required first-year courses for all students in the Bachelor of Business Administration degree programs.

BSAD 101 and 102 are also required courses for students in the Bachelor of Science with Advanced Major in a Science with Business Administration, and in the Bachelor of Arts with Major or Advanced Major in Economics and Minor in Business Administration.  Students intending these BSc and BA programs may opt to take these courses in second year.

BSAD 101 is a required second-year course for all programs in Interdisciplinary Studies in Aquatic Resources (both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science).

BSAD 102 is a required second-year course for all programs in the Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition.

Registration in these courses is restricted to students in the BBA program.  Other students interested in these courses may be granted permission by the department chair, depending on availability.


BSAD 101 and 102 are minimum prerequisites for other courses in the department.


Course Descriptions from the Current Academic Calendar:

101   Introduction to Business
An introduction to the Canadian business environment including exposure to the issues, trends, forces, organizations and personalities affecting businesses in Canada. The course exposes students to the types of teaching/learning experiences they will encounter in the BBA program, including case studies, teamwork, exercises, presentations, simulations, readings and lectures. Three credits and lab.

102   Business Decision-Making
Introduces students to the challenge of making business decisions, to the primary areas of business (management, marketing, operations, finance), and to the role of the general manager. The course provides an introduction to the core vocabulary and analytical tools appropriate to the functional areas, and helps students develop their analytical, presentation, small group management, and self-management skills. Three credits and lab.

Please refer to Section 9.6 Business Administration in the Academic Calendar.

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