The Department of English offers one 6-credit course and two 3-credit courses at the 100-level (see course descriptions at the bottom of this page):

ENGL 100 – Introduction to Literature and Critical Writing (6 credits)
ENGL 111 – Literature and Academic Writing I (3 credits)
ENGL 112 – Literature and Academic Writing II (3 credits)

Either ENGL 100, or ENGL 111 and 112, is required for a major, joint major, advanced major, joint advanced major, honours, minor, subsidiary, or pair in English.  The choice of whether to take the 6-credit course or the two 3-credit courses is entirely up to the student; neither is recommended over the other.  (Note, however, that the "H" section of ENGL 100 is only available to students in the Humanities Colloquium; see below for additional information on this option.)

ENGL 111 is a required course in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

These courses may be electives in any program.

ENGL 100, or ENGL 111 and 112, is the minimum prerequisite for all other courses in the department.  ENGL 111 is a prerequisite for ENGL 112, so 111 must be taken in first term and 112 in second term for students taking both courses in one year (as is the norm).

Bachelor of Arts students who are considering taking ENGL 100, HIST 101 and 102, and PHIL 100 may want to explore the option of the Humanities Colloquium, which offers these courses to first-year students in an integrated, chronologically coordinated way.  (Students in this colloquium will be pre-registered into the "H" sections of these four courses.)

Course Descriptions from the Current Academic Calendar:

100   Introduction to Literature and Critical Writing
This course introduces students to the critical tools and methods of literary study, including close reading and argumentative writing. Students will learn about the history of genres (e.g. poetry, drama, and the novel) and forms of literature (e.g. tragedy, realism). Texts may include the earliest writing in English to more recent works in various media. Credit will be granted for only one of ENGL 100 or ENGL 111/112. Six credits.

111   Literature and Academic Writing I
This course provides students with the key skills needed to succeed at university. You will learn how to write argumentatively; how to build a question or problem from a close-reading of a literary work; how to develop that argument by presenting and analyzing evidence; how to engage in scholarly debate; how to do university-level research. Credit will be granted for only one of ENGL 111, 100 or 110. Three credits.

ENGL 111:11 - True Stories
ENGL 111:12 - The Most Important Course of Your University Career
ENGL 111:13 - Writing with the Undead
ENGL 111:14 - Labyrinths and Rabbit Holes
ENGL 111:15 - Reading Between the Lines: An Introduction to Genre & Narrative
ENGL 111:16 - Reading Between the Lines: An Introduction to Genre & Narrative
ENGL 111:17H - TBD
ENGL 111:18 - The Monster and the Monstrous in Literature Over Time
ENGL 111:19 - Escape by Metaphor                   
ENGL 111:20 - Writing with the Undead
ENGL 111:21 - Journey’s End
ENGL 111:22 - TBD
ENGL 111:23 - Journey’s End
ENGL 111:24 - The Syntax of the Fourth Dimension

112   Literature and Academic Writing II
This course follows ENGL 111. It introduces students to the study of literature by familiarizing them with literary-critical concepts and terminology, by fostering an understanding of genre and form, by teaching the fundamental skill of close-reading, and by introducing them to literary works from a range of historical periods. Prerequisite: ENGL 111. Credit will be granted for only one of ENGL 112, 100 or 110. Three credits.

ENGL 112:10 - The Poetic Process
ENGL 112:21 - The Road of Excess
ENGL 112:22H - TBD
ENGL 112:23 - Crime and the City
ENGL 112:24 - On Justice
ENGL 112:25 - The Fantastic: Magic and the Supernatural
ENGL 112:26 - For Love’s Sake
ENGL 112:27 - For Love’s Sake
ENGL 112:28 - TBD

Please refer to Section 9.19 English in the Academic Calendar.

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