The Department of Modern Languages offers one 3-credit course at the 100-level and one 3-credit course at the 200-level (see course descriptions at the bottom of this page):

MIKM 105 – Introduction to Mi'kmaq Language & Culture
MIKM 205 – Advanced Mi'kmaq

These courses may be electives in any program, other than the Diploma in Engineering.

First-year students interested in completing 6 credits of Mi'kmaq are permitted to take the 100-level course in first term and the 200-level course in second term.  Students with a prior knowledge of the language may be able to take MIKM 200 without MIKM 100, and should contact the chair of the Department of Modern Languages if they wish to inquire about this option.

As there are only 6 credits of Mi'kmaq courses offered by the department, a student cannot complete a pair in this subject.  A student in the Bachelor of Arts, the Bachelor of Business Administration, or any of the Music degrees can only use these courses as electives.

A student in the Bachelor of Science or in the Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics degree should note that 6 credits of Mi'kmaq may be used as the 6-credit arts subject (Arts Y) requirement, as long as the 12-credit arts subject (Arts X "pair") requirement is not another language from the Department of Modern Languages (since a student is required to have Arts X and Arts Y from two different departments). A student in the Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition may do the same, allowing Mi'kmaq to serve as the Arts Y, as long as the Arts X (pair) subject is from the social sciences.

Course Descriptions from the Current Academic Calendar:

105   Introduction to Mi’kmaq Language & Culture
Introduces students to the various aspects of the Mi’kmaq language: phonetics, morphology, semantics, syntax, and language acquisition. Comparison will be made between French and English language structures an applied to the language acquisition of Mi’kmaq students. Three credits.

205   Advanced Mi’kmaq
This course is intended for student whose first language is Mi’kmaq or who are proficient speakers of the language. The aim of the course is to develop substantive knowledge of Mi’kmaq literacy. Students will be introduced to the different writing systems used by the Mi’kmaq over time. Three credits.


Please refer to Section 9.26 Modern Languages in the Academic Calendar.

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