The Department of Philosophy offers one 6-credit course and one 3-credit course at the 100-level:

PHIL 100 – Introductory Philosophy
PHIL 135 - Healthcare Ethics:  Thoeries, Values, & Practice

PHIL 100 is a required course for a major, joint major, advanced major, joint advanced major, honours, minor, or subsidiary in Philosophy, and may also be an elective in any program.  This course is a minimum prerequisite for all other courses in the department, other than PHIL 213, 251, 331 and 336.

PHIL 135 is a required course in the first year of the BSc Nursing progam and is restricted to only students in that program.

Bachelor of Arts students who are considering taking PHIL 100, ENGL 100, and HIST 101 and ART 142 may want to explore the option of the Humanities Colloquium, which offers these courses in an integrated, chronologically coordinated way. 

Course Description from the Current Academic Calendar:

100   Introductory Philosophy
An introduction to the study of philosophy that looks at major thinkers in the history of western philosophy as well as the fundamental and enduring questions they raised. Among the philosophers considered are Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Aquinas, Descartes, and Hume. The questions raised by these thinkers include: What is it to think rationally and critically? Can we demonstrate the existence and nature of God? Can we discover any ethical principles that should guide our actions? What are the limits of human knowledge? Six credits.

135 Healthcare Ethics: Theories, Values, & Practice This course introduces students to ethical reasoning about problems in healthcare. It does so by exploring four fundamental philosophical theories (Virtue Ethics; Contractarianism & Rights; Duty-Based Ethics; and Consequentialism), presenting the corresponding values in healthcare workers, and showing how these principles and values can be applied to specific cases. Restricted to students in the B.Sc. Nursing program.


Please refer to Section 9.29 Philosophy in the Academic Calendar.

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