The Department of Sociology offers two 3-credit courses at the 100-level:

SOCI 101 – Introduction to Sociology I
SOCI 102 – Introduction to Sociology II

These are required courses for a major, joint major, honours, minor, subsidiary, or pair in Sociology, and for all programs in the Bachelor of Arts and Science in Health.  They may also be electives in any program, other than the Diploma in Engineering.  (Sociology courses do not fulfill the writing requirements for the Diploma in Engineering.)

SOCI 101 is a prerequisite for SOCI 102.

These courses are minimum prerequisites for all other courses in the department.


Course Descriptions from the Current Academic Calendar:

101   Introduction to Sociology I
This course introduces students to the origins and development of sociological thinking and research, beginning with the foundations of the discipline in the 19th century. Students are then introduced to the concepts and methods within sociology. The objective is to explore the extent and limits of our capacity to change the social world by reference to sociological research in both a Canadian and global context. Credit will be granted for only one of SOCI 101 and SOCI 100. Three credits.

102   Introduction to Sociology II
This course builds on the foundations of sociological theory, methods and historic considerations established in SOCI 101. Students will explore a range of topics dealing with various aspects of social inequality, culture, integration, and ideological conflict in both a Canadian and global context. Together with SOCI 101, this course provides the prerequisite for all other sociology courses. Credit will be granted for only one of SOCI 102 and SOCI 100. Prerequisite: SOCI 101. Three credits.


Please refer to Section 9.35 Sociology in the Academic Calendar.

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