Women's & Gender Studies

The Women’s and Gender Studies Program offers one 6-credit course at the 100-level (see course description at the bottom of this page):

WMGS 100 – Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies

This is a required course for a major, joint major, advanced major, joint advanced major, minor, subsidiary, or pair in Women’s and Gender Studies, and may also be an elective in any program, other than the Diploma in Engineering.

Bachelor of Arts students who are considering taking WMGS 100, ANTH 112, DEVS 101, and HIST 141 and 142, may want to explore the option of the Social Justice Colloquium, which offers these courses in a coordinated format.

Women’s and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary program, meaning that it incorporates relevant courses from other academic subjects.  In addition to its core courses, Women's and Gender Studies has cross-listed courses from other departments.

WMGS 100 is a prerequisite for several of the upper-level courses in the Women's and Gender Studies program, both core courses and some of the cross-listed courses.  For other cross-listed courses, the prerequisites are the introductory courses for the departments from which the courses originate.

Students intending programs in Women’s and Gender Studies may want to consider taking introductory courses in one or more of the interdisciplinary subjects. This will provide necessary prerequisites to take the allowable interdisciplinary courses in future years.  The Women's and Gender Studies section of the Academic Calendar specifies these cross-listed courses.  It would be useful for interested students to look in the Calendar to determine courses that are of most interest to them for future years, which in turn would dictate the introductory-level courses that would be good choices for first year.

For all cross-listed courses (see the Academic Calendar for the specific list), students should note the following departmental prerequisites, and may wish to take introductory courses in one or more of these subjects:

ANTH:  WMGS 100, or ANTH 111 and 112, can serve as the prerequisite(s) for the anthropology courses.
BSAD:  WMGS 100 or BSAD 261 can serve as the prerequisite for WMGS/(BSAD) 367.
ENGL: ENGL 100, or ENGL 111 and 112, serve as minimum prerequisite(s) for the English courses.
HIST: There is no prerequisite for the history courses, other than third-year status.
HKIN: There is no prerequisite for HKIN/WMGS 332, other than third-year status.
NURS: There is no prerequisite for the nursing courses, other than third-year status.
PSCI: WMGS 100, or PSCI 101 and 102, can serve as prerequisite(s) for PSCI 345.
PSYC: PSYC 100 is a minimum prerequisite for the psychology courses. (Interested students will also need to complete an additional 6 credits of psychology prior to taking these cross-listed courses.)
RELS: There is no prerequisite for the the RELS courses, other than third-year status.
SOCI: WMGS 100, or SOCI 101 and 102, can serve as prerequisite(s) for the 200-level sociology courses.  300-level sociology courses normally require 12 credits of sociology (including SOCI 101 and 102) as a prerequisite, or permission of the instructor.


Course Description from the Current Academic Calendar:

100   Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies
This course will offer an overview of women’s and gender studies from an interdisciplinary perspective. Students will study the development of feminist movements and will examine how concepts of race, class, sexuality and ability intersect in shaping colonialism, sexual and reproductive health, violence, family relations, paid and unpaid labour, political systems and poverty. The course will consider the relationship between the local and the global through discussion of such topics as popular culture, consumerism and environmentalism. Credit will be granted for only one of WMGS 100 and WMNS 200. Six credits.


Please refer to Section 9.36 Women's and Gender Studies in the Academic Calendar.

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