Sport Management

There is one 100-level course offered in Sport Management

SMGT 101 - Introduction to Sport Management

Sport Management is an option for students in the Bachelor of Arts in Human Kinetics and the Bachelor of Business Administration programs only and is the first course toward a minor in Sport Management in these programs.   At the end of the year, students interested in pursuing a Sport Management minor, will need to apply. Admission into this minor is competitive so be aware that the better your academic performance in first year, the better your chance of being accepted into the minor. Students who take SMGT 101 in first year, but who do not pursue a Sport Management minor, will use the first-year course as an arts elective in their degree pattern.

Course Description:

101  Introduction to Sport Management
An introduction to sports management. Primary focus is on sport industry, including professional sport entertainment, amateur, for-profit & nonprofit sport participation, sporting goods, and sport services. Students will examine applications of managerial concepts and processes, and look at the ways in which sport organizations interact with each other, and with corporations, the government and non-governmental organizations. Micro aspects of management applied to sport, including human resources, sport marketing, sponsorship, finance, event management, and sport law. Credit will be granted for only one of SMGT 101 and HKIN 241. Restricted to students in BBA and HKIN. May be used as a minor in sport management or an elective in BBA or HKIN. Three credits.