Information For New Transfer Students



If you have ever attended another university or college (including a CEGEP), you are considered to be a transfer student, even if you don't actually transfer any credits to StFX.  Transfer students can transfer between zero and sixty credits to StFX and therefore can come to StFX as first-, second- or third-year students.

We're delighted that you have chosen to come to StFX and we are here to help you make a successful transition.  This page contains information that is of particular interest to you as a transfer student.  From here, we'll move on to academic advising and course registration information that is designed to assist all new StFX students.

Transfer Courses and Transfer Credit

All courses that you have successfully completed elsewhere are evaluated to determine which are transferable to your StFX degree program.  Some of your courses may be assessed as being equivalent to specific StFX courses and you will be given credit for having completed that specific course work.  Other courses that you've taken may not match up with any StFX courses, but may still be transferable and usable in your program.  (Transfer credits numbered 193, 293, 393 are 3-credit courses for which we do not have a specific equivalency, but which are transferable and usable in your program.  196, 296, and 396 are 6-credit non-specific course transfers.)

The Registrar maintains a database of StFX equivalent courses for numerous post-secondary institutions.  If you've completed courses that already exist in that database, you will receive credit as established, provided that the courses can be used to satisfy the requirements of your StFX degree program.  If you have completed courses elsewhere that do not exist in that database, you will be asked to provide course descriptions so that they can be evaluated for StFX equivalency.

Transfer Credit and Year of Study

Your transfer credits are considered earned credits. For students in 4-year degree programs at StFX, their total number of earned credits determines their year of study, as follows:

Year of Study

Credits Earned

First Year

Fewer than 24

Second Year

24 to 51

Third Year

54 to 81

Fourth Year

84 and above


Since your transferred courses are entered into your record as equivalent StFX courses, they can be used to satisfy prerequisite requirements for higher level courses.  For example, all 200-level English courses require that you have completed either ENGL 100 (a 6-credit course) or ENGL 111 (a 3-credit course) before you can register for them.  If you completed one or more English courses at another post-secondary institution and those courses are deemed to be equivalent to either ENGL 100 or ENGL 111, then you are considered to have met the prerequisite requirement for registering in 200-level English courses.  If you receive a prerequisite error when attempting to register in a course for which you feel you have completed the prerequisite elsewhere, you should contact the Registration Help Centre (see contact information on this website) or Academic Advising (the specific advisor for whom you may already have been given contact information, or the general account at

How do I know how many credits are being transferred for me?

You will receive communication from the Registrar's Office regarding your transfer credits.  Normally, this communication will consist of one message that will indicate the maximum number of credits, or a range of credits, that you can expect to have transferred; and a second message later that will indicate the actual courses for which you will receive transfer credit.  There may be other communications as well, especially if you are required to provide course syllabi for any of your completed courses or additional documentation such as official transcripts that were not submitted with your application.  After your transfer course evaluation is complete, you will also be able to view your transfer credits by logging into mesAMIS and selecting "MyGrades" to view your grade report.

When can I start registering in courses?

Transfer students register with returning StFX students.  Registration for returning students begins on June 20, and is based on year of study as defined in the table above.  If your transfer credits are finalized after this date, you will receive an immediate start time.

Registration for new students, and for transfer students who are not receiving any transfer credits, begins on July 12th or 13th, depending on the student's degree program.

When and where can I view my registration start time?

You can view your individual registration start time from the registration menu in Banner Self-Service.  Registration start times for all students are initially set to an artificial date in September (ignore this date until the start times are published).  The actual registration start times for returning students and transfer students are determined in June 16th, and are available for viewing in Banner by noon on June 16th.  For new students, and for transfer students receiving no transfer credits, the registration start times are available by July 8th.

To access Banner, see the BANNER button in Step 4 of this website, or in the centre of the MyStFX main page.


This website is designed primarily for new first-year students and therefore not all of the information contained herein will be applicable to transfer students, especially those students who are transferring a significant number of credits to their degree programs at StFX.  However, this site does provide information you need regarding the registration process, and includes a tutorial on the mechanics of registering for courses at StFX.  If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact the Registration Help Center.  If you have further questions about your transfer courses or course selection, you are encouraged to contact our academic advisors.

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