Withdrawing From the University

Students who decide to withdraw from university must submit a Notice of Withdrawal form, available on the Services Portal.  That will permit timely notification of all concerned departments and will signal the staff of the Registrar’s Office to take the required actions concerning your registration and status.  Early notification is important to ensure that your tuition and other fees are adjusted based on the effective date of your withdrawal.

Withdrawals only occur from the first day of classes until the last day of exams during the full academic year, September to April.

When you withdraw, the appropriate drop code will apply to the courses in which you are registered, depending on the date of withdrawal.  For instance, if you are registered in full year courses, fall courses and winter courses and you withdraw on the 15th of November, you will be able to drop your full year courses with a DC code (refunding will apply) and your winter courses with a DW code (free drop).  You will not be able to drop your fall courses because the last day to drop fall courses has passed.  Therefore, your fall courses will be dropped by the Registrar’s Office using a DN code.  The result of the DN code is that you will not receive any refund for these courses and your grade for these courses will be DC.

If you submit your notice of withdrawal but do not drop your courses via the web, the Registrar’s Office will use the appropriate drop code to drop all of your courses. If it is mid November as in the example above, the Registrar’s staff will use a DC for your full year courses, a DD (free drop) for your winter courses and a DN for your fall courses.

In all cases, the Registrar’s Office will change your student status to withdrawn and will change your eligibility status to withdrawn, resulting in a notation on your transcript indicating the date of withdrawal.  As a result, you will no longer be able to register in courses and you will have to apply for re-entry to become eligible to take courses in the future.

You should be aware that if you withdraw from the university you may be subject to academic penalties.  See section 3.11 of the Academic Calendar for details. 

Withdrawing from the university will result in charges for tuition and fees anytime after the initial free drop period in September.  These charges are based on the refund dates associated with the various drop codes and will therefore increase every week as the year progresses until that point at which you will receive no refund of tuition and fees. Where applicable, you may also incur charges for residence and food services.  See section 2.2 of the Academic Calendar for further details.