Religious Studies

The Religious Studies department focuses on the role which religion has played and continues to play in the life of the individual and society. Religion addresses itself to fundamental questions relating to the meaning of human existence. Religious answers to these questions reflect the encounter between human beings and the transcendent. The courses which the department offers examine the relationship among religion, the individual, and society, recognizing that the answers provided by religions are both shaped by and shape the society of which they are a part. The department offers a wide range of courses dealing with both Western and Eastern religious traditions and cultures. Contemporary life issues are also examined in various courses in connection with religions and students are encouraged to become familiar with the primary texts (in translation) of various religions.

The department's courses are intended for a broad range of undergraduate students who may complete a major, advanced major, or honours in religious studies. Students in other disciplines can expect their appreciation of these disciplines to be enriched through a study of religion. Courses will be of interest both to students who are associated with a particular religious tradition as well as to students who have no formal religious affiliation.

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