Burton MacDonald

Burton MacDonald

Professor Emeritus

Educational Background: Graduated from St.F.X. with a B.A. in 1960; received an S.T.B. in 1962, an M.Th. and an S.T.L. in 1964, and an MA in Religious Education in 1965, all from the University of Ottawa; an Elève Titulaire from the Ecole Biblique et Archéologique Francaise, Jerusalem, in 1970, and a Ph.D. in near Eastern Languages and Literature from The Catholic University of America (Washington, D.C.) in 1974.

Teaching areas: Christian Religion; Religion, Spirituality, and Health; The History of Ancient Israel and Judah; Bible and Archaeology; Archaeology of the Ancient Near East.

Publications: seven books; chapters in books; numerous major and minor articles in journals and newsletters; entries in archaeological and biblical dictionaries and encyclopedias; critical reviews.

Current Research: Beginning work on a new project (The Ayl to Ras an-Naqb Archaeological Survey) in Southern Jordan.

Member: American Schools of Oriental Research; British Institute at Amman for Archaeology and History; Canadian/American Schools of Oriental Research; The Canadian Society for Mesopotamian Studies; The Society of Biblical Literature.

Research Funding: American Schools of Oriental Research; Dodge Foundation; Human Resources Development Canada; Kyle-Kelso Foundation; St. F. X. Univ. Council for Research; Social Science Federation of Canada; Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.