Employer Information

Employer Recruitment Events for 2021-2022 

Currently, employers can conduct in-person or virtual sessions. Please contact Student Career Services for information on our COVID 19 protocols. Employers can use their platform of preference for virtual sessions and email event details to Student Career Services. We can forward this information to students. 

Advertising a Job? 

Please email your employment opportunity to jsmacdon@stfx.ca.  The job ad must include job title, duties, qualifications, the deadline to apply, and how to apply. We will accept the job ad as a URL or PDF. 

Research and Development Funding Opportunities

There are many federal and government funding opportunities for employers to hire students. For a list of potential funding resources, please see the StFX Research Services Group website.  

Catering Services at STFX 

If you are having your event catered, please inform the SCC. Once the employer and SCC have booked the date, time, and location, the employer will need to order catering through our Catering Services

Ethical Recruitment

CACEE Guidelines for Ethical Recruitment for Employers: This document sets out guidelines for ethical recruitment at post-secondary educational institutions. These guidelines are intended to provide a framework for the professional relationships between employers, students, third-party recruiters, and career educators. The guidelines are based on industry research, have been generally agreed upon by employers and educators, and are advocated by CACEE for national implementation.