Job Search Resources

Job Search Tips by the StFX Student Career Services

  1. Self-care. This is a stressful time for job seekers and employers.  If you are experiencing anxieties, please visit the StFX Health & Counselling Centre website for additional resources.
  2. Conduct an inventory of your skills, strengths, interests, values, goals, etc. During the academic year, students are busy with school and other activities. Once April exams are finished, take time to conduct a personal inventory using the resources described above
  3. Take time to build your skills. Check out the many free resources online that can help you build your skills
  4. Polish your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and interview skills using the Toolkit resources below. Your resume is the first introduction to a potential employer. To increase your chances of being selected for an interview, ensure your resume is up to date and professional. Update your LinkedIn profile as well. LinkedIn has many great online resources for building a professional profile.
  5. Network virtually and take initiative. Grow your network and connect with individuals via LinkedIn. Connect with alumni, family, and friends.  Conduct a virtual informational interview where you can learn more about a potential role or company.  Remember there will be some employers who are not hiring right now. If you noticed that a job and employer that you wanted to work for is not hiring right now, keep them on your radar for later. You may need to be more open to potential work. Networking could also involve volunteering. Finally, say thank you to your connections. 

Maintain a positive attitude and personal motivation. With the new COVID 19 reality, job searching during this time will be challenging. It requires patience, flexibility, and compassion. 

This page contains links to popular online job board, federal and provincial government resources and job search inforamtion. 

General Information on Using the Internet in the Job Search Process

In-person & Online Job Search Information Providers

Job Search Online Help Workbooks

Canadian public-access sites oriented to post-secondary students:

  • Job Postings
  • CareerOwl
  • WowJobs
  • Aspire | Aspiring to attract the next generation of talent by uncovering the diverse, challenging and innovative nature of Financial Services for students, and facilitating access to opportunities in the sector.
  • Magnet- Join Magnet to search for employment opportunities. 
  • Discover Ability Network, funded by the Government, is an online platform which connects employers to persons with disabilities who are seeking employment. The platform hosts a variety of opportunities available for student internships, roles within the financial sector, and general labour opportunities.

Major sites with Job Postings across Canada

Company/Government Research

Government programs oriented to youth (summer & new grad)


Networking (80% of the jobs are never advertised)


Networking Online Resources

Social Media Resources