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Throughout the year the SCC will receive employment opportunities from various organizations. Student Career Services will advertise these positions via our email listserv and our job website.

Information for Students

If you are starting your final year at STFX in September, you should start looking for new graduate employment starting in September. Some companies will only advertise their new grad jobs starting in September and October. If you miss the fall deadline to apply, you may need to wait until the next September to apply. There are other employers who will advertise when they have openings.  
If you are looking for a summer job, start looking in early December as some summer opportunities are posted very early. For example, the Federal Government of Canada will open their FSWEP program in November/December. Over the last couple of years, Student Career Services has noticed that some organizations (i.e. public accounting firms) have started to advertise summer jobs at least one year before the start date for the job. 
If you are looking for an on-campus job, positions will start to be advertised in early January with most on-campus jobs advertised in February for the next academic year.  There are a couple of departments who will advertise jobs in late August/first week of September. On-campus jobs are primarily advertised on the Student Career Services email listserv. Students can join/leave the listserv at any time. On-Campus Job Brochure (2019-2020). 
Student Career Services does not accept unsolicited student resumes. The SCC will only accept resumes if the STFX departments and/or organizations have indicated in their job ads.  

The Student Career Services doesn't endorse unpaid internships with "for-profit" organizations.


Attention Employers

If you are looking to advertise a job opportunity, please email job opportunity (which includes duties, how to apply and deadline to apply) to


The StFX Student Career Services carefully screens every job posting to ensure legitimacy. Occasionally employment scams occur. Students should be vigilant and are urged to help identify scams. If you receive a suspicious email from an employer (even if they say it is from your University Career Services office), please do not respond to the email and contact our office immediately at

Here are some good indicators that the job is more than likely a scam:

  • You are asked to give your credit card or bank account numbers or copies of personal documents, but you get nothing in writing.

  • You are asked to send a payment by wire service or courier.

  • You are offered a large payment or reward in exchange for the use of your bank account, often for depositing checks or transferring money.

You receive an unexpectedly large cheque. This is the biggest and most costly scam. If you receive a cheque in the postal mail from an employer, DO NOT cash it or pursue the offer. Please turn everything into the Antigonish RCMP office. The cheque may look real but it is not. If you have any questions or doubts regarding a job posting, please do not hesitate to contact