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Working Remotely and other topics (Aspire)

Working Remotely (LinkedIn) - You’ve landed a job and you will be working remotely! This article provides solid advice for anyone who is navigating the “working from home” workplace

StFX Health & Counselling Centre website

Well-Being at X - Navigating Transitions and Covid -19

Transitions are times of great opportunity; and they can also be stressful. You are transitioning from your school year into a time in our society where much is new and different.  We are pleased to share a new web resource ‘Well-being at X’ now available as a resource to support student well- being.  Thanks to Students of Health Psychology 2019/20, under the guidance of Dr. Erin Austen, this website identifies resources on a variety of topics (e.g., mental health, physical fitness, nutrition, sleep).   This website is still a work in progress, so the team is are happy to hear your feedback/suggestions. Please share your feedback to Students of Health Psychology 2019/20 via Dr. Austen at eausten@stfx.ca.

Canadian Mental Health Association

Healthy Minds Nova Scotia