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The primary goal of the Engage, Develop, Grow Your Employability (EDGE) Program is to increase students’ self-awareness, career goals, workplace connections, and employability in Nova Scotia. This is a collaborative partnership between the StFX Tramble Centre for Accessible Learning (TCAL) and Student Career Services (SCC). EDGE is for students registered with the Tramble Centre for Accessible Learning.

Our goal for 2020-2021 is twofold: to deliver career-related programming and deliver our work experience program.

The Career Transition Coordinator will be collaborating with local employers to promote the program and its students via networking/workshops/meet-greets. Career-related services are offered to students virtually, in-person, and in group settings (after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted). Digital and print resources that align with accessibility standards will be available to students. 

Employment-related Questions 

Students registered with the TCAL can contact Heather Myers, Career Transition & EDGE Coordinator ( with any employment-related questions. If you are looking for a job, need help to develop a professional resume and cover letter, want to practice your interview skills, or talk about school/work options after you graduate, Heather can help!   

Professional Development/Workshops

Throughout 2020-21, Student Career Services will be creating and facilitating workshops on various employment-related topics. The pre-recorded workshops will be available on our new Student Career Services Moodle page by January 2020. Every Thursday at 11:15 to 12:05, we are facilitating workshops on various employment-related topics via Zoom. For the workshop schedule, contact Heather. 

Work Experience Program 

The work experience program is for part-time and summer employment opportunities. During the academic year, students can work up to 10 hours per week on or off-campus. In the summer, students can work full-time hours 32.5 to 37.5 hours/ week.  The work experience is an excellent way to expand your resume, build a network, and gain skills that will help you be successful in future work. 

In order to participate in the work experience component, students:  

  • Must be registered with the Tramble Centre for Accessible Learning (with a PSAS) and have completed the first year.
  • Students must be a Nova Scotia resident and have their permanent address be within Nova Scotia.
  • At least one year of study at a post-secondary institution 

Student Application Form

Contact: Heather Myers, Career Transition and EDGE Coordinator | Email: | Tel: 902-867-2296