Safety & Security Services

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Safety & Security Services fosters and safeguards a healthy, safe and welcoming campus community that supports the well-being of students, faculty, staff and guests. Partnerships within the university and active collaboration with local law enforcement and community emergency response teams ensures essential services are in place and ready to respond.

Safety & Security Services provides 24-hour coverage 365 days per year via the Safety & Security Operations Centre (SOC). In addition, our team of dedicated Safety & Security Officers conduct regular vehicle and foot patrols of campus instilling confidence that everyone is able to LIVE, LEARN, WORK and PLAY in a supportive and safe environment.

The Student Safety & Security Services Leadership Team, known as “X-PATROL”, work side by side with Safety & Security Services Officers to provide campus event supervision, evening foot patrols and a walk home service.

All incidents on or adjacent to the University should be communicated to Safety & Security Services. If the incident is believed to be one of potential danger to life, limb or property immediately call 911 then contact Safety & Security Services.


Essential Campus Information:

Current parking map of campus

Emergency Guidelines

Emergency Evacuation Assembly Points

Civic Address List

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StFX Safety & Security Services