Avoiding Theft

Residence: Get to know your neighbours. Have a well defined roommate agreement. Lock your doors and windows whenever you leave your residence. Do not allow unescorted strangers in side your residence. Be suspicious of unknown persons loitering in the area of your residence. Never leave an exterior door propped open. Keep a record (description, value, photo file, etc.) of your valuables.
Morrison Hall/Eateries: Do not bring valuables with you to the dining hall. Do not leave your ID, residence keys or personal items unattended even for a minute.
Library: Do not leave personal property unattended even for a minute. Keep personal property in view at all times. Do not bring valuables with you to the library.
Athletic Facilities: Secure all personal propertyin a locker. Invest in a good quality lock. Avoid carrying large sums of money or valuables with you to the athletc facility. Keep your locker locked whenever it is unattended. Pin your lock key to your clothing to avoid loss.
Vehicle: Always lock your vehicle when left unattended. Never leave your vehicle running while unattended or unlocked. Don't leave your windows opened. Do not leave vital information in your vehicle. Do not leave valuables in view for a thief - store valuables in the trunk or under the seat.
Office: Lock your office door if your office is left unattended even for short periods of time. Do not bring large sums of cash with you to work. Carry only the cards and identification required. If you must leave your purse or wallet in your work area, lock it in a locker or desk. Avoid posting vacation times or similar itineraries on your door.
Notify Safety & Security Services of any suspicious persons or activities.