Monitoring and Response

911 Monitoring
StFX Safety & Security Services has a 911 monitoring system in place on campus. All calls placed to 911 from a local phone on campus sends a signal through to the department so that we can identify the location of the call and respond to the emergency immediately.
Alarm Monitoring
StFX Safety & Security Services has several alarm monitoring systems in place. The Safety & Security Services Office receives notifications of fire alarms, elevator telephone box calls, and panic button signals immediately once they are set off. Once one of these alarms is received, emergency procedures will be implemented.
Localized alarm systems are in place in designated areas on campus and are responded to by staff on location. Safety & Security Services may be called in to support alarm response where necessary.
Emergency Phones
StFX University has a number of emergency telephones located throughout campus buildings and residences. Safety & Security Services can be reached by dialing 4444 from any residence telephone. Community Advisors/residence staff are on call from 8:00 PM to 8:00 AM for all student residence buildings; and contact numbers are posted throughout the specific buildings.