Riley Chisholm

Riley Chisholm

Ph.D., York
Associate Professor
Nicholson Tower
(902) 867-3854

My research is concerned with rural Nova scotia in the context of global issues. This includes school curriculum and teaching children about climate change, rural aging and dementia, and farming practices in the context of climate degredation.

Research Interests

Global agriculture, climate destruction, sustainability, social justice and democracy, eco-education

Recent Publications

Chisholm, R. ( In process) "Are schools putting our kids in danger?: How the hidden curriculum of Nova Scotia public schools undermines children's opportunity to respond to climate destruction" (published).                                                                    

Chisholm, R. and K. Bischoping. (2018) Rural dementia: A case study from Nova Scotia. Ageing and Society. ( Accepted and In press)

Olstead, R., K. Bischoping and C. Weaving. (2015) Gender and the UFC. Women in Action Sport Cultures: Identity, Politics, Experience and Pedagogy. Global Culture and Sport Series. Holly Thorpe (Ed.) Palgrave Macmillan.

Olstead, R. (2014). Panic disorder (Cultural Comparisons). Cultural Sociology of Mental Illness. Eds. Andrew Scull and Geoffrey J. Golson. Sage Publications.

Olstead, R. (2014). Popular conceptions of mental illness. Cultural Sociology of Mental Illness. Eds. Andrew Scull and Geoffrey J. Golson. Sage Publications.

Bischoping, K. and Olstead, R. ( 2013) Sayers’, Unnatural Death: A reconsideration of the modernist lesbian. Irish Journal of Gothic Horror. 12 (Summer), 4-19.

Olstead, R. and Bischoping, K. (2012). Men, masculinities and constructions of self in panic discourse. Journal of Men’s Studies. 20 (3), 274-286.