John Phyne

John Phyne

Ph.D., McMaster
Senior Research Professor

For most of my academic career, my research focus centred on the political economy and ecology of the global salmon aquaculture sector. Field research was conducted in Ireland, Chile and Norway. Since 2011, my research (with the aid of a SSHRC Insight Development Grant in 2014) is on slum clearance and urban renewal in the old city-centre of my native St. John’s. My recent publications can be found on ResearchGate:

Research Interests

Urban social change; political economy and ecology of food.


Recent Publications

Publications (Since 2010)

 “Rehousing Good Citizens: Gender, Class and Family ideals in The St. John’s Housing Authority Survey of the Inner City of St. John’s, 1951 and 1952.” Acadiensis: Journal of the History of the Atlantic Region, (with Christine Knott [lead author]), forthcoming, 2018.

“Outside of the Planners’ Gaze: Community and Space in the Centre of St. John’s, Newfoundland, 1945 to 1966.” In Joseph Moore, Gillian Anderson and Laura Suski, eds. For a Sociology of Home for Canada. Canadian Scholar’s Press, 2016. pp. 167-186, (with Christine Knott).

 “The Social Impact of Out-Migration: A Case Study from Small Town and Rural Nova Scotia.” Journal of Rural and Community Development, 9 (3), 2014, pp. 203-226. (with Lynda Harling Stalker [lead author]).

“On a Hillside North of the Harbour: Change in the Centre of St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, 1942 to 1987.” Newfoundland and Labrador Studies, 29 (1), Spring, 2014, pp. 5-46.

 “Sustainability and the Bluefin Tuna: Science, Socioeconomic Forces and Governance Issues.” International Journal of Wildlife Law and Policy, 16 (2-3), 2013, pp. 198-226.* (with Michael Stokesbury, Montana MacLean, and Phillip Saunders).

 “Good to be Alberta Bound”: Out-Migration, In-Migration and the Strait Region of Nova Scotia, 2001-2006. Working Paper No. 43-2011. Atlantic Metropolis Centre/Centre Métropolis Atlantique, December, 2011. (with Lynda Harling-Stalker)

A Comparative Political Economy of Rural Capitalism: Salmon Aquaculture in Norway, Chile and Ireland. Acta Sociologica , 53 (2), June, 2010, pp. 160-180.