Lynda Harling Stalker

Lynda Harling Stalker

Ph.D., Carleton
Department Chair/Professor
Nicholson Tower
(902) 867-3877

Dr. Harling Stalker’s research has focussed primarily on exploring the motivations and meanings people attach to place and work.  This involves an investigation into the ways in which people narrate the intersections between materiality and culture.  In 2016, Dr. Harling Stalker’s course, “The Sociology of Anne of Green Gables” was named by MacLean’s magazine as a “cool” course at St. FX (

Research Interests

Culture, Island Studies, Narrative Research, Atlantic Canada, Work, Crafts, Creative and Cultural Industries, Traditions

Recent Publications

Harling Stalker, L.L. and K.A. Burnett.  2016.  “Good work?: Scottish cultural workers’ narratives about working and living on islands.”  Island Studies Journal.

Harling Stalker, Lynda, & Phyne, J. 2014. The social impact of out-migration: A case study from rural and small town Nova Scotia, Canada. The Journal of Rural and Community Development, 9, 3: 203–226.

Cormack, P., J. Cosgrove and L. Harling Stalker.  2012.  “Who Counts Now? Re-making the Canadian Citizen.”  Special Issue of CJS: Counting and Contemporary Governance, 37, 3: 231-252.

Harling Stalker, L. Lynda and Jason Pridmore.  2009.  “Reflexive pedagogy and the sociological imagination.”  Human architecture, VII, 3: 27-36.

Harling Stalker, L. Lynda. 2009.  “A tale of two narratives: Ontological and epistemological narratives.”  Narrative Inquiry, 19, 2.

Zureik, E., L.L. Harling Stalker, E.M. Smith, D. Lyons, and Y. Chan.  (2010)  Privacy, surveillance and the globalisation of personal data: International comparisons.  Montreal and Kingston: MQUP.