Training & Mentorship

Summer - Fall 2020 Trainees

Undergraduate Level 

Andreina Marquez de la Plata Gregor 

Supervisor: Dr. Katie Aubrecht

Program, Institution: 4th Year Honours Sociology Student, St.F.X. University  

Thesis: "Extra five or ten minutes… It’s all they want, it’s all they need”: Relational understanding of time in LTC 

Funding: Research Nova Scotia Undergraduate Student Scholar Award


Samantha Smith 

Supervisor: Dr. Katie Aubrecht

Program, Institution: 4th Year Honours Sociology Student, St.F.X. University 

Thesis: Social Enterprise Development for Organizations for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

Funding: Change Lab Action Research Initiative SEARCH Award Recipient 


Sara Luck 

Supervisor : Dr. Katie Aubrecht 

Program, Institution: 4th Year Honours Health Student, St.F.X. University 

Thesis: Staff Perspectives on Quality of Care and COVID-19: Understanding Contributors and Impacts for Residents Living in Long-term Care

Funding: Canada Research Chairs Program Research Stipend Funding

Anola Campbell

Supervisor: Dr. Katie Aubrecht                                                                 

Program, Institution: 4th Year Honours Sociology Student, St.F.X.

Thesis: Understanding the Experiences of University Students with Learning Disabilities in Navigating Educational Success

Funding: RBC Summer Research Award Recipient


Maya Lowe

Supervisor: Dr. Katie Aubrecht

Program, Institution: 4th Year Honours Health Student, St.F.X. University

Thesis: Exploring Multiracial Student Experiences with Mental Health in Higher Education


Graduate Level 

Kelly O’Neil

Supervisor: Dr. Carole Roy                                                                       

Committee Members: Dr. Joanne Tompkins & Dr. Katie Aubrecht

Program, Institution: Inter-University PhD Program in Educational Studies, St.F.X. University

Thesis: A Community-based Action Research Project Involving Older, Socio-economically Marginalized Women

Marco Redden

Co-Supervisors: Dr. Katie Aubrect & Dr. Janice Keefe

Committee Member: Linda Bird (Alzheimer's Society Nova Scotia)

Program, Institution: MA Gerontology, Mount Saint Vincent University

Thesis: Meaningful Engagement among Long-Term Care Residents with Dementia and Family Members: A Critical Ecological Analysis