Course instructors are respectfully reminded that they are personally responsible for the provision of desk copies of textbooks used in their courses. Most publishers, however, will provide each instructor with a free desk copy if they are requested to do so, in writing and personally by the instructor concerned.

Forms to facilitate this process are available from the STFX Store and at the Faculty Information section of the STFX Store website: faculty-information.

It is understood there is frequently a delay between the request for a desk copy and the actual receipt of the book. In order for instructors to have a desk copy of their textbook(s) available, the STFX Store will issue, on loan, a copy from existing stock, subject to the following conditions:

  • The instructor requests a desk copy from the publisher or supplier; to replace the copy borrowed.
  • Texts which are marked, thumbed, stamped with such words as, "Complimentary", "Desk Copy" or "Instructor Copy" cannot be accepted by the STFX Store. Texts must be in new condition.
  • If a replacement or clean book is not returned to the STFX Store within thirty days, the instructor is responsible for the cost of the book issued.
  • If settlement is not made within sixty days, the price of the book will be charged to the departmental budget concerned, and a copy of the invoice forwarded to the department chair.
  • In keeping with standards of practice in the textbook industry, the STFX Store will not accept, nor will credit be issued for the return of books in excess of, or other than those borrowed.

Further information or assistance may be obtained from the STFX Store – 867-2450

Lisa Jackman, Manager

Patricia Linden Teasdale, Textbook Dept.