To view a list of your texts online, go to mesAmis and login.

IMPORTANT: You must first register for your courses.

When you login to mesAmis, the link to Mybooks appears in the top Banner along with MyExams, MyCourses, etc. Click on this link to see a list of all books for all the courses you are currently registered in. You will be provided with information such as title, edition, and ISBN and whether or not the book is "required" or "optional". Prices will not be listed since they change abruptly at the discretion of Publishers and Suppliers.

We receive books throughout August and into September for Fall courses and from November through to January for Winter courses. Go to and click on Academics in the main menu bar to find all the information you need to access and order your course materials.


Adoption and re-adoption reminders are sent via email throughout the year at required times. Faculty can re-adopt books for assigned courses or submit new adoptions via email at .