Used Textbook Buyback Fact Sheet

  • StFXU Campus Store usually buys back used books which have been adopted for courses commencing in subsequent semesters.
  • Buybacks are held in December, April, June and August. Exact dates and times of buy-backs are posted in advance.
  • Normally, April, June and August Buybacks are conducted for first term and full-year courses (so those commencing in September) and the December Buyback is conducted for second term courses (so those beginning in January).
  • During Buybacks, the StFXU Campus Store usually pays 50% of the original selling price for books that have been formally adopted by faculty for use in upcoming semesters and for which that use is guaranteed.
  • The StFXU Campus Store cooperates with one or more national used book wholesalers who may purchase used textbooks that can be used at other universities and colleges in North America. The prices they pay are commonly much lower than those paid by the Campus Store, and are subject to marketplace supply and demand for the books.
  • StFXU Campus Store staff reserve the right to refuse to buy back books which are overly worn, missing pages, torn, excessively marked or defaced or showing signs of moisture and/or damage from moisture.
  • Cash register receipts are not required for used book Buyback, but student ID cards will be requested.
  • Wherever possible, used textbooks are made available to students at 75% of the new list price, or less. Used textbooks are shelved with new textbooks and are clearly marked "USED".