Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does the Director of Student Life assist in academic advising?

    No, the Director of Student Life does not offer academic advising. There is a a team of academic advisors under the academic dean’s offices in Nicholson Tower. You can make an appointment to meet one of them by calling Roseanne Benoit at 863-3300 or visit her office in 207, 2nd floor Nicholson Tower. You are encouraged to email your inquiry to

  2. What are the roles of the student advisors reporting to the Director of Student Life?

    There are four student advisors which report to the Director of Student Life.
    Aboriginal Student, Students of African Descent, International Student and LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trangender and Questioning) Student Advisors are available to support students from these groups that may have questions about academic issues, assistance in transitioning to university life, etc. 

  3. What is the Community Code of Conduct?

    The community code of conduct is a document which governs the behaviour of StFX students on and off campus. It outlines the students rights and responsibilities and is meant to be a guideline for appropriate behaviour. All members of the StFX community have a responsibility to support an environment that is conducive to the personal and professional growth of all who study, work and live within it.

  4. What happens if I am in conflict with the Community Code and an incident report is written about me?

    If an incident report is written about an incident that you were involved in, this report goes to the Student Conduct Coordinator and you will be asked to meet with her. At this time, you will discuss the details of the event with the Student Conduct Coordinator and it will be decided whether or not you were responsible or not responsible for your role in the incident.

  5. How do I get involved in leadership or societies?

    There are many groups and societies a student can join at StFX. There are two society nights, one at the beginning of first term and one at the beginning of second term. During society night, all the societies on campus host booths with information about their society and opportunities to sign up to participate in the societies that interest you. Click here to visit our page on leadership opportunities.

  6. Who do I see if I am having difficulties?

    There are many resources at StFX to support students that are having difficulty in such ways as loneliness, depression, illness, stress, academic difficulties and many other types of difficulties. You can contact the Health Centre if you need to see a doctor, the Counseling centre if you need to speak to someone to help you with personal issues, Residence Assistants and House Directors are also among the many people available to you for support when you need it.

  7. I live off campus, how can I get involved in on campus activities?

    Participate in activities, go to society night, speak to one of your off campus councilors.

  8. What are the resources available for Aboriginal, African Descent or International Students?

    The Aboriginal, African Descent or International student advisor can fill you in on all the resources available to you at StFX.