Student Event Planning

Event Planning Guide (being edited - check back soon)

This event planning guide has been designed to assist student Primary Event Organizers (PEO) in the planning of safe and fun events both on and off campus, for students, guests, visitors, alumni and community members. 

Risk Assessment Policy

This policy has been designed to assist in the planning and execution of safe and responsible events both on and off campus by any University Recognized Student Group, which supports the goals of St. Francis Xavier University.

Guest Policy

This residence guest policy is designed to provide an additional measure of safety for the residential community while allowing members of the community the freedom to host guests. 


Risk Assessment Form

This form is to be completed and submitted to the Risk Assessment Committee prior to your event. To find out when your form is due, please see the Risk Assessment Policy above.

All forms must be fully completed and signed before submission.

Risks and Liability Waiver - Participatory Sporting Events

This waiver is to be signed by all participants of participatory sporting events.

Risks and Liability Waiver - Travel

This waiver is to be signed by all particpants of events that involve travel.

Risk Matrix