Student Experience and Opportunity Plan

StFX Senate Quality of Life Committee embarked on a strategic planning process that will present a distinct vision for the student experience at StFX for the next five years (2022-2027). This is an opportunity to set priorities and establish measurable goals that will set StFX apart from other universities, based the holistic student experience we provide.  

Our planning process will give members of the StFX community the opportunity to reflect on what we have achieved since the launch of our current strategic plan - what has worked, what did we learn, what work do we still have ahead of us?  We hope you will join us on this journey.  

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StFX Quality of Life Committee is beginning a series of consultations to engage all members of the university community in the process of envisioning our future. Together, we will develop StFX’s Student Experience and Opportunity Plan.   

While StFX is also working on the renewal of our University Strategic Plan, the timing is right to look ahead to a new era filled with new challenges and opportunities for StFX. Through a series of engagement opportunities, we will explore new ideas and imagine what the next chapter in StFX’s student experience might look like.   

Link to Information About Consultations