Tenant Responsibilities

Damages and/or required repairs should be reported to the appropriate maintenance department through the Residence Staff or you can contact FM at fm@stfx.ca. Your Residence Staff member will report it to Facilities Management. Residents will be held financially responsible for all damages and losses to their rooms or furnishings, including windows and doors. If the need for repairs is the result of damage, breakage, or vandalism, the residents occupying that room at the time will be held financially responsible, unless the individual responsible is found.

You will have two containers in your residence room.

1) One for Recycling (small blue container) for recyclable materials, such as paper, pop cans, jars, bottles, plastic.
2) One for Garbage - (wastebasket) for all other waste products that are not recyclable.
Students in Apartment Style Living
Students are responsible for removing all garbage, recycling and compost from their rooms/apartments. The bins are located outside the building, facing Memorial Field. Clear bag items (regular garbage): drop outside in the black garbage bin. Blue bags for paper recyclable items: drop outside in the blue recycling bin. Please use the green compost container for any compostable items.